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Rolling Road Tuning


We have full rolling road tuning bay using a computer controlled 500 BHP chassis dyno. We offer anything from a power run to find out your vehicles current output, to a full tuning session to get the most out of your engine whether it be standard or modified, road or race.This is an absorbsion dyno which means it can hold the engine at any RPM / SPEED showing the power & torque in real time, so adjustments to the engine can be made & observed, once a run has been completed we are able to print out a full detailed report giving power readings taken at 100 RPM intervals, with various graphs, as well as a fuelling report showing the AFR on the same graph as Torque & BHP many other data lines can be added. It can also show speedometer innacurracies. Although we specialise in mini's our rolling road facilities are open to all vehicles front or rear wheel drive up to 500 BHP. Autograss & Stockcars welcome

The image above shows the computer display during a run, this gives a very accurate reading & is much easier to understand than the older analogue type displays


Power run (3 runs with printout)                       30.00

Tuning session 1.5 hr single carb                        80.00

Additional tuning per hour                                40.00

Autograss class1, 2 & junior specials full session 75.00

class one autograss mini bonnet_0.jpg