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Body Rebuilds

All Minis rust its a fact!!! the later the model the worst it is likely to be, this is the downside of mini ownership.However on the other side mechanially there are great cars & with a little regular maintainance the engine & other associated components will easilly outlast the bodywork, This is where a body rebuild is the ideal solution. To start with we will fully inspect & test drive the vehicle before preparing a full detailled estimate for all the repairs we feel are required ( free of charge unlike some ) If your happy with the price we give the car will be booked in for the rebuild. You can either bring it to us or we can collect it ourselves. Obviously all rebuilds differ slightly but this shows an average rebuild of a mini saloon around 10 - 15 years old.....................

Firstly the car is stripped to a rolling shell ( everything is removed except for the front & rear subframes, engine, fuel & brake lines & wiring ) All corroded panels are then removed & the shell is prepped ready for the new genuine panels to be fitted....... Including:-